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Do you know what is Online Blackjack? Have you ever played Blackjack online? Do you want to know everything about Blackjack? How to win in Blackjack? Is there blackjack? Difference between physical blackjack and online blackjack?

If you have ever had any of these or other doubts about Blackjack or better known as Blackjack, because you are in the right place, we have created the perfect space in which you can fit if you are interested in being an expert in the games of the random.

The Blackjack game is the most popular of all online casino games worldwide, its strategies are known in every corner where there is a person betting at this time, winning and obtaining unparalleled experiences. Blackjack represents that fight to want to win and also demonstrate that it is a game created for great minds, it is fully certified that not everyone is in the ability to play a good hand.

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100% up to 1500$ with free spins

Which side do you want to be on?

Rest assured that by following these simple steps and gathering every necessary element you will be a professional of the subject, a mathematician of chance and why not, the next winner of a large amount of money in one of the most representative online casinos worldwide.

Let’s start now…

Blackjack does not have a clear origin, France is referred to as the first physical site in which someone referred to the game of completing the number 21 with a series of cards from the English deck, which is composed of hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds, in addition to two jokers in jester figure, which are not used in the real game.

It is a one-on-one competition, no matter what is done at a table made for four or seven players, in the end, the croupier will be the one who faces each of them, a man-to-man fight, of course, it can also be Woman against woman or woman against man, it will depend on each case and more today, that women have demonstrated the great power they have when it comes to online casino games.

How is blackjack composed?

As we initially explained, it is made up of a deck of 52 cards, each of them differentiated by a color and a pint. Paint, color, what is this? Yes, the color is either red or black and the paint is the shape in which the symbols are shown, which can be a pica, a heart, a clover or a diamond; the deck contains cards that are numbered from two (2) to ten (10), in addition to three specials with letters, the J, the Q and the K, which in turn are also represented as the king and queen and that have a value of ten (10) points, but everything does not end there, there is the popular As that has a point value of one (1) or eleven (11), depending on the game of each participant.

That is to say…

2 – 10 = actual value of each card and number
J, Q, K = ten (10) points
As = one (1) or eleven (11) points

How do you win in Blackjack?

Blackjack is formed and sung on the table when the player who receives his two initial cards completes the number 21 in the sum, that is to say that there may be the combination of the Ace and the number 10, or the Ace and some of the letters already mentioned (J, Q, K). This is the magic number and the perfect combination, because there you will have won, a moment, if the dealer has a Blackjack too, what happens ?, a tie is contemplated, the bet is canceled and the game is restarted.

There is also the possibility of making 21 with more than two cards, this will depend on the way in which the player has the first two cards of the deck and the cards that go out in the hand to hand with the dealer. If the magic number (21) is completed, despite being a legal move and conducive to the game, if the dealer or the player has Blackjack this will win the game, since the play with two cards has an added value according to the regulations

Types of Blackjack

We can talk about two types of online Blackjack, the first is the video Blackjack that refers to the traditional way of playing when you enter a digital platform, in this case cards randomly generated by a computer are used, when the game is Blackjack live, you have the presence of a real dealer who distributes the cards with you if you were in a real casino.

Within the range of any of the two types of online Blackjack you wish to choose, you will find two ways to play, this also depends on the online casino of your choice, the first is known as American Blackjack, here the dealer has one of his two uncovered cards and if the card visible to the public is an Ace, the dealer must verify if the capped card is a ten (10) or a letter, which in Blackjack represents ten (10) points, if so, shows it to the participants and The game is over since I complete Blackjack.

The second way of playing is known as European Blackjack, which has the same rules as the previous one, one of the croupier’s cards will be uncovered, visible to the public but in this case it will not matter if that card is the Ace, because the game will continue without Need to uncover the second card until the end.

There are some variants of Blackjack that are not so popular in online casinos but that can appear at any time and that is why it is better to know what they are and what they consist of.

Blackjack Switch: the player can bet with two games of two cards and exchange the second card of the first game with the second card of the second game, always trying to complete 21 or not exceed that value, in this case the bet is paid one by one 1: 1 and not three to two 3: 2 as in standard Blackjack.

Vegas Strip: it is perhaps the most complicated way to play Blackjack, since four (4) decks are used, the participant can only split two aces once per game, however he can double the bet with any other combination of cards or hand, if The player manages to complete 21 with two cards after dividing them. Blackjack will not be considered natural.

Perfect Couples: Just as there are complicated ways to play Blackjack, there are also other ways to bet without making big changes, separating, dividing or doubling, in this case the player can place an additional bet on a perfect match if the two initial cards they are equal in value, that is, 7 and 7, 9 and 9, 3 and 3, etc … the amount of money obtained will be greater if the perfect match in addition to having the same numerical value is the same color or even better if it is of the pint pint.

Double Exposure: we could talk about a 100 percent advantage for the player, since in this variant of Blackjack the dealer uncovers his two cards and they are visible to the player, but not everything is rosy, the casino has specific rules In this case, they consist in the fact that in any case the house draw (croupier) wins, the player can only split cards on one occasion and Blackjack is paid one by one 1: 1.

Triple seven (7): it is an advanced way to play Blackjack, in addition this variation is accompanied by a progressive jackpot that will ultimately win the player who has in his hand three 7 diamonds, it seems more like a poker game, but it is not since the combination of three sevens results in 21.

Casino bonuses for online Blackjack

There are different casino bonuses for the game of Blackjack, these depend exclusively on the online casino of your choice, some of these sites offer welcome bonuses and in the terms and conditions include Blackjack as an option to redeem your bonus, this applies to your Once for the weekly bonuses, time bonuses, free games, second or third reload bonuses and no deposit bonuses, we repeat, everything will depend on the casino and in addition to the Rollover that is required to release the bonus money plus the profits acquired from this same.

Other riskier ones offer special promotions for Blackjack, but why do we refer to them as risky?

The reason is that Blackjack is considered as one of the table games, whether physical or online, as the one that gives the player the most advantage over the house, in this case the dealer or casino, which is why the bonuses mentioned above do not represent a great gain for the player, since the casinos knowing this situation have armored and mostly decided to give a low percentage in case of using one of these bonuses and earn money through it.

However, we cannot deny that a bonus is a bonus, that is to say that some advantage must have in the middle of this world of chance opportunities, so it is necessary to study each one of them well, as well as the online casinos to which they enter , hence the first strategy to be successful in the game, knowing every detail will make you wiser and fill you with experience to win.

If you have it, use it!

If that is your decision, to use one of the bonuses normally granted by online casinos you will only have to register at the casino of your choice, fill out the corresponding form and accept the terms and conditions that the casino requires, just like that you can get This type of promotions, in addition you must remember that a large percentage of the bonuses are restricted for some games, so you should read carefully everything related to the offer, following that you should be clear about the Rollover that requires the bonus, if it is 10x, 35x, 5x, etc …

These are some of the best online casinos where you find the best bonuses to start in the world of Blackjack, or why not, continue to earn large sums of money.

Normally all welcome bonuses, with or without deposit are used for other types of games, slot machines are special to redeem these offers, as they have a profit of 100 percent, different from Blackjack that the percentage can reach a maximum of 10 percent, this for those who think of playing from welcome bonuses, because in this case it would not be highly recommended.

A curious fact in Blackjack is the advantage that it has for the player and for the casino, which is represented by the dealer, according to the analyzes performed and some expert studies, the casino has only a 0.5 percent advantage of winning , compared to a 95.5 percent chance of winning that a regular player has.

What is better?

So if it’s so hard to find safe online casino isn’t it better to go to real gaming establishments?

Actually, real new casino can be considered as psychological trap. Some tactics of real new casinos are on the surface, while others are safely undercover. However, they all affect the psychology of the player, causing him to feel comfortable and optimistic.

Live Blackjack

And as the casinos were going to set aside one of their best creations of recent years, the live game became the perfect medicine for all those regular casino players who for different reasons cannot attend a gaming site. Physical chance, as online casinos offer a live game, with a meat and bone croupier, at the most comfortable time for the user, from the place where they are and only having a computer or mobile device at hand.

These are some of the advantages of playing live online Blackjack:

It is a greater security for the player, since he is not subject to playing random games with cards dealt by means of software, which does not mean that casinos with this modality of Blackjack video are incurring a trap or illegality.

The transmission of the game is in real time and from the real tables of a physical casino, that is to say that there is no advantage for the croupier or other players. It is like being at a real casino table.
Permanent communication is maintained with the croupier and the other players at the table, interacting with others while playing is also part of a real casino environment.

In the live Blackjack game the bets as well as the winnings are credited in real time to the player or the house (casino, croupier). One of the biggest advantages and comforts of playing Blackjack live is that you can access the game for free, this in the case of using the bonuses and promotions that only online casinos offer.

Other online casinos offer a version of Blackjack to download to the computer, this is also part of the free game and contributes to the knowledge of the player, since he can learn, know the game in a practical way and feel like at a real table.

The game of Blackjack is made to win, there is no loss in the ways of completing a number, in this case the 21, magical value will take you on the path of success, you just have to know the value for each card and why not, maybe some tricks or strategies that others have used before and that have left positive results, such as card counting, a mathematical formula that is implemented during the game and that can be used to know what kind of cards are in game and who has an advantage over who.

This method is normally used in physical casinos, because in the online mode it is very difficult to follow these movements or be clear about the number of cards, since each group (there are three) has a value that has been given throughout The history of the game, for example, cards ranging from 2 to 6 have a value of +1 and the highest cards such as 10 or the letters J, Q, K have a value of -1.

Following in detail some steps, some of the most famous Blackjack players managed to take this small advantage and understand the odds of the next cards in play and thus be able to decide whether or not to bet on the next hand.

Now that you know the most important details about the Blackjack game, you only have to take the first step and choose one of the casinos that we recommend, each of them carefully studied to give the best option to the user, since they are the highest ranking in terms of quality, safety and regulation and also the ones that offer the best bonuses and promotions to play.

Let us know when you are ready to receive the two random cards, two numbers or letters that will finally give you the perfect combination to shout BLACKJACK.

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