Blackjack Tips

Blackjack Tips to Use at USA Online Casinos

Strategy and tips for playing blackjack

In today’s review guide we will be going over the different types of blackjack tips to use and stay away from when playing blackjack for real cash online or in land-based US casinos.

Unlike most casino games that have a fixed number of odds, Blackjack doesn’t follow that rule. In fact, the odds of winning are constantly changing in the game with each turn, the primary driver being you when you play for real money. So basically, you can manipulate the odds in your favor, depending on how you play. Follow these tips on your next game to maximize your chances of beating the dealer. If you plan to play casino games online for real money then check out our guide to playing casino games for real money over the Internet and where to play.

Online Blackjack Tips

Tips for Playing Blackjack Online for Real Money

• If the total of a hard hand ranges is greater than 4 and less than 7, hit any dealer card that is facing up.
• If the total of a hard hand is 9, double from 2 to 6 and hit an Ace to the 7 card
• Always stand if the total ranges from 17 to 21
• A soft hand (ace inclusive) total from 13 to 15 should always be hit
• Stand if the total is 19 to 21
• Take a hit on any hand below 17 if the dealer shows big numbers such as 9, 10, King, Queen etc. This is because it will be highly unlikely that a dealer will bust when these cards are facing up.
But these are just the playing tips? What about the table itself?
Table Manners
• Never bet an amount that you don’t have. As obvious as it sounds, most players are inclined to bet even more as they lose in order to recover the lost amount. Sadly, they end up losing even more.
• Make sure to read the table limits before playing. These are basically the minimum and maximum cards that you can bet.
• Also make good use of the Surrender option; know when to call it quits.