Bettors benefits

Can I view statistics and other related information?

Bettors benefit from being able to analyze additional information while playing, which allows them to improve their game and discover successful strategies for table games such as blackjack. Displaying information such as game history also allows players to see if there are currently hot and cold numbers they can strategically bet on or avoid. For example, B.C Game provides players with detailed statistics on the previous 250 spins and Evolution Gaming provides information on previous spins as well as real-time statistics.

Is there an instant messaging feature?

For many players, it is important to have an online chat feature available with their live dealers, as it allows them to communicate with other players and, more importantly, with the live dealer. This means that they can raise any questions or issues that may need to be answered. Instant messaging usually appears as a dedicated window or box in the interface, and the dealer will be able to see all messages entered and sent. Generally, they will answer all questions aloud or via message, which means that players will know the answers to other people’s questions.

Does the live dealer section have dedicated tables?

A reputable casino will usually have dedicated tables available for players. This means that those who join a live casino have the opportunity to create a relationship with the dealer operating that table. The advantage of dedicated tables is that there will be a regular host specifically trained for this game and therefore can offer a more interesting experience to players.

Are there multiple languages available?

If a casino site’s live dealers are available in multiple languages, it means that the operator has worked overtime to ensure that their service caters to a range of people. Sometimes the text on a site will be the only feature that can be translated into multiple languages, but it is becoming increasingly popular to offer live dealers who also speak different languages.

How many camera angles are offered in the game?

One of the main advantages for live casino players is the ability to switch between camera angles and see the casino and table from a different angle. Offering multiple camera angles has two main advantages: it prevents the player from getting bored and they can be reassured that the casino is not hiding something by pointing a single camera in a particular direction. The premium live casino dealer features move between the cameras like a television presenter, which allows more players to experience the game first hand.

Can I play more than one game at a time?

One of the popular ways to play these days is to play multiple tables at the same time. This makes the online gaming experience even more exciting, as there is a lot to keep track of. Evolution Gaming allows players to play up to four live games in one main window simultaneously. This option is not only beneficial for players, as they will be able to generate more excitement and earning potential, but it will also suit operators, as customers provide multiple revenue streams in a short period of time.

Benefits of Online Casinos with Live Dealers

Get to know other players in real time

Although virtual casino games are fun and save players from going to a physical casino for the adrenaline, it can feel lonely after a while. This is where the online casino offers a definite advantage. For those who don’t socialize much or prefer to do so over the Internet, Live Casino is the perfect blend of remote gaming and the opportunity to make new friends. This ability to combine social interaction with technology is one of the main reasons why online casinos have grown in popularity since their inception.

Being able to play remotely 24-7

If a gambler works at odd hours or has to travel a lot for business reasons, he or she would have had a hard time getting to a casino to play games of chance before the launch of online casinos. Fortunately, the existence of virtual games and live dealers means that no matter where you are or what time of day it is, you can connect to a live gaming room. This way, you can get in touch with your regular dealer – the one you’ve probably built a relationship with.

Discover the latest technological advances

If a casino operator offers a live dealer section, it is likely that they go the extra mile to ensure that they stand out from their competitors. This means that players are spoilt for choice when it comes to the level of games they will enjoy. High levels of security are also in place, which means that players can rest assured that their personal and financial information will not be susceptible to interception by malicious sources.

Disadvantages of online casinos with live dealers

Potentially slow gameplay with delays

Latencies are due to the nature of online casinos, i.e. it is real time and other real people are playing at the same time and factors such as human error come into play. Sometimes another player may have a problem during the game or the live dealer may make a mistake, requiring it to be corrected by another staff member to ensure that all players are satisfied with the change. Therefore, those who want a quick game would be better off playing a dedicated high-speed variant or participating in a virtual game without live elements.

Few game choices

If you want to choose from a vast library of games, it is best to head to the slots section of a website rather than an online casino, as many operators will ensure that dozens of slot games are available on their site. New games appear due to the unlimited themes that can be developed and the ease of creation. However, with live casinos, the selection offered is usually reduced, as it takes more manpower and investment to create a live stream with a dedicated dealer.

There may be technical problems

When you’re in a land-based casino, technical problems are not a concern, because if a game isn’t working properly, a staff member will be on hand to resolve the issue. Likewise, if you have a problem while playing a virtual game, you can contact customer support and return to where you were once it has been fixed. The same situation will occur if your Internet connection goes down during a game – you can reload the game without missing the best footage. However, since online games are played in real time, when you have a technical problem that prevents you from playing temporarily, you may miss a major part of the game.

Live Casino Dealers

It is common for casino players to log on to the live dealer section of their chosen site and be greeted by a dealer or croupier. But who are these people, and what do they do? Essentially, a dealer is a member of the casino staff who has been trained by the operator, usually on a particular game, before being assigned to a table to interact with players. They often have a stylish or glamorous appearance and it is rare to see casino dealers dressed in casual or ordinary clothing. It is not uncommon for a dealer to wear a lavish evening gown, or at least a stylish uniform that identifies the casino she works for.

When you interact with a casino dealer, you will find that they have been trained to be incredibly polite, friendly and professional. These dealers have been trained by reputable operators at the highest level, so that every player has the highest quality experience. The dealers are there to answer any questions you may have and to create a smoothly-running game.
Depending on the location, the dealers will teach the games in a certain order. For example, North American dealers usually learn blackjack first, while European dealers learn roulette first. For the more complex games, such as craps, these are left to the most trained and aspiring staff in the industry.

Live online casino FAQs

What is the best live online casino bonus?

This will largely depend on your style of play. However, many people say that no deposit bonuses offer the best value. This type of bonus involves the casino operator offering free bonuses to customers to encourage them to make their first deposit. This method is popular among casino players because they get to try out the live dealer section of a site they plan to play at more regularly.

How can I win at online blackjack?

There is no way to guarantee a win at any casino game, including blackjack, but it is possible to increase your chances by implementing certain measures. For example, if you play with a good strategy, keep track of the cards and observe how the experts have the best hands. This way, you can increase your chances at any blackjack table.

Which table should I play at online?

It can be difficult to decide which table to choose online, but there are some general guidelines to help you make your decision. For example, look at the minimum and maximum bet limits and choose the option that best suits your bankroll. Other features to look at include the speed of the game. So, you have the choice to opt for Speed Roulette or Speed Baccarat if you want a fast game. On the other hand, there are variants such as Immersive Roulette, which have fewer spins per hour due to the slow-motion effects.

Which online roulette variant gives me the best chance of winning?

As a general rule, you should favor the French or European tables when playing any version of online roulette. This is because special rules such as En Prison and La Partage apply in the French edition, which means you can cut your losses considerably. Also, both versions have single zeros on the wheel, which allows for better odds.

Is it safe to play live dealer games?

There is nothing dangerous about playing live dealer games, as long as you play at a reputable casino and play responsibly. You can find a host of reputable casinos here at Casino Professor and speed up the process of finding the best live dealer section for you by reading our reviews written by industry experts. It is also important to keep gambling a hobby and not become your main source of income or a financial burden. If you are preoccupied with obsessive thoughts while gambling, lose a lot of money on a regular basis or are unable to stop after long periods of time, you can contact free organizations such as Gamblers Anonymous.

Should I play at an empty table or completely online?

It depends on your situation. If you are new to the game, it would make more sense to play at a full table, as the number of hands per hour will decrease dramatically. This is good for those who have not yet developed a blackjack strategy, as it prevents them from losing too much money. On the other hand, veterans of online casinos or gambling companies in general may prefer to play on their own, as they can have more control over their game and have more hands per hour.

What is the difference between an online casino and a regular virtual casino?

The regular online casino is a virtual game played between you and the computer. This is great if you want a quick fix or to enjoy a slot game. However, there are many advantages with the online casino. For example, enjoying the authentic feeling of being in a physical casino, increased social interactions and a sense of community, plus enhanced graphics, statistics and camera angles.

What is the difference between playing in an online casino and in land-based casinos?

There is not as much effort involved in playing at an online casino, as you don’t have to physically travel or spend too much time in your day to play a game. In addition, you can play at any time of the day or night, while land-based casinos may have strict hours of operation. With the online casino, players also enjoy access via multiple camera angles and on-screen statistics. These options give them the feeling that it gives them an advantage over other players.